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Tota bag

Personalized Crochet Items

Hi, I’m April and I love to crochet. I have recently been encouraged to put my projects for sale and also make custom pieces. I will follow patterns designed by others and I will also come up with my own. Every piece that I use a pattern for I link the website, so please go and visit their pages (awesome patterns on all). I have so far only done pieces for local friends and family as I have not branched out far enough to involve shipping.

If there is any item that you would like to buy and I do not have for sale on it, please contact me.

Here are my prices so far:

  • Baby/toddler  $12
  • Hand warmers  $15
  • Leg warmers  $15
  • Shawl  $35
  • Jewlery  $5
  • Scarf  $15
  • Baby blankets $35

As I keep making different items, I will update as needed.